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Congratulations on another great summer farmers’ market! As one of the “lake” people (and a paid member) that attends the market when I’m in the Antigo area, I wanted to comment on the possible move to the park from the current location to the park.

I arrive to the area on Friday and make a special trip into town to attend the market on Saturday morning. I look forward to seeing what’s “in season” and purchase something from multiple vendors.

The drawings of the proposed shelter are beautiful! I see where “weather” - rain, wind, heat would no longer be an issue. Sitting along the water and watching kids play on the playground equipment (vs running around a parking lot) sounds great.

To me this will elevate the market to a new level of professionalism and possible growth. Those that now attend do so because they want:
- To support the local vendors
- Want fresh local produce
- Visit with friends and neighbors

I hope you consider the move. Feel free to contact me if you would like more feedback.

We look forward to Saturday mornings at the farmers' market.  What a treat to have the opportunity to bring home such beautiful produce, flowers, canned goods  and bakery.  Thanks for all your work.
Mary and Bill Burt
I didn't get to the market as much a I would have liked this summer, but I'm so happy that we have it and will remain a member to support it.
Polly Blazek
I was able to go to the Farm Market several Saturdays this summer and I was very impressed with the Market.  I hope they continue to have these.
Phyllis Umsted
"Hi, I read your newsletter....looked @ all the 2013 Market pictures...Great!  Can't wait to get back,  spring of 2014!" 
Sandy Lewis, Wittenberg
"Hooray for Antigo Farmers' Market because once again another fabulous season and another wonderful online issue chock full of information, contacts, delicious recipes and useful hints. Not to mention....the gorgeous photos."
Sally Dinsmore Austin Texas
"My plan is to eat healthier and eat organic. I'll be by
often this summer!  I already go to Rhinelander Farmer's market @ Hodag park so why not Antigo?"
"I miss the farmers' market! I hope to get there at least a
couple times this summer, as a customer, if not a vendor."
The website is just fantastic!! Thanks so much!
Pam Augustyn Antigo
"One day I hope to become a vendor, but not ready for anything like that yet. Still working on restoring our old farmhouse and barn. Thanks for all you are doing with the market! I think it’s the best thing that has happened in Antigo!!!"
Debralee Mifflin
Market Sponsor
"I was wondering if it would be OK with you if I used some of the wonderful pictures of your market from your web site? I need to do a little report on Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program “success stories” from our area. I thought of your market as a nice success. Antigo struggled for some time to get a nice Farmers Market going and now you have this excellent farmers’ market".
Deb Grutzig
WIC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program
"While visiting my daughter in northern CA., we walked to the farmers' market every Sat. It was an anticipated visit beacause of the gorgeous fruits and veg. but also because we always purchased freshly made burritos, tortillas,rice, beans and salsa. It became our Sat. night dinner. Wonder if the fellows from El Tequila would be interested in a booth? They would be a very cheerful, talented addition and add just that more variety. I look forward to the first market. It makes my Saturdays, too". Mary Burt
"Yum, yum as usual.....can't wait to visit and buy your fresh beautiful food. I'm so glad to know that this important community enterprise is chugging along".
Sally Dinsmore
"Liebe Leute, wonderful - wunderbar - but you wouldn't expect anything less from a Bromberg. I mean the site but first of all the idea of food - hopefully organic - from your neighborhood. Therefore I only eat sauerkraut, curly cale (grünkohl) and streusel cake and you can guess, where I come from".
Klaus Oskar
"I am sad the market is over. I love getting up on Sat. knowing I have the market to go to. Thanks for all of you".
Mary Burt
"Gorgeous pictures as always. This is such a beautiful publication. But Renate, where's the recipe for this issue?? love".
Janet DC
"Salmonkopita. Yes! Thanks for another beautiful issue".
Diane Hull
"Oh, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, wish I was there to sample whatever Amy is serving up. Great recipes, thank you for publishing them".
Sally Dinsmore
"The Pizza looks wonderful. Yum!"
Teresa Sprecher
"That Salsa sounds abosolutely marvelous! Can't wait to make some. Thanks for sharing."
Chris Berry
"Here is a photo I took of my version of Renate's Oriental Green Beans. I added cherry tomatoes and accompanied the dish with squash blossom tempura. A delicious summer treat!"
Diane, Toronto, Canada
"Very nice job, again.  I really enjoy using the recipes.  Thank you for spending the time and using your expertise to strengthen the market.  I look forward to it every Saturday".
Mary Burt 
"Thank you for the excellent recipe...I can't wait to try it.  Your photos were so beautiful...nice job". 
Elaine Artymiuk
"We plan to try Renate's Oriental Green Bean Salad this weekend! You do such a good job on all the Antigo Farmers' Market newsletters, etc.The colors are great and really invite further reading".
"Dear Antigo Farmers’ Market:
I always enjoy finding the new recipes in your newsletter.  The strawberry pie recipe arrived the day before we expected guests for dinner and I thought it would be a great treat for them. I didn’t have the required number of strawberries and I don’t own a food processor.  Undaunted, I decided to make it anyway.   
My version looked nothing like the one in the newsletter (see attached link). When the time came, I showed our guests the newsletter pie by taking my laptop to the dining room and showing them the photo. Then I daringly served my sorry imitation with the not-quite-enough strawberries going the wrong way. (I guess I should have re-checked the photo myself before this.) It tasted great. And we all enjoyed that bit of chocolate surprise. I never would have thought of the chocolate, but it was an excellent combo.
Thank you. And please keep sending us those recipes".
Diane, Toronto
"Fantastisch, was Ihr da so anstellt. Sieht gut aus. Muss gut schmecken. Viel Erfolg weiterhin".
Hans Bromberg, Selk, Germany

"We have decided to become a sponsor of the Market.
We have nothing to sell at the market at this time, but perhaps in the future. Our reason behind the sponsorship is simply that we enjoy the Farmer's Market and really appreciate its addition to our community. We are happy to support it, as well as our local farmers. Thanks for all the hard work you do in keeping this going. We can't wait for it to open this year".
Debralee Mifflin
Mifflin Farm

"Your website is absolutely wonderful. Well done and full of exciting information. Hope to visit the market this summer".
Donna Mrugala
"This website is both useful and great to look at. What I like most is that the website provides a great community service while also having a much further reach through its useful articles and great recipes. The links are helpful and full of great information for people in the area and those of us further afield. Yummy recipes and lovely photos all organized in a creative manner. A lot of hard work has resulted in great success. Congratulations".
Sally Dinsmore
"I look forward to going to the Farm Market in Antigo every Sat. It is wonderful and lots of variety. I love the little girl singing while she peels potatoes on the Web Site. So Sweet!!!!"
Phyllis Umsted
"Nice newsletter! Thanks for doing what you do and for including me!"
Amy Donaldson
"What a wonderful treat on a cold winter's day in Canada. I very much appreciate your beautiful newsletter ... the photography, the recipes. I wish I were nearer to attend the actual market when it reopens for the season. Meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy your lovely newsletter. Thank you so much."
Diane Hull, Toronto
"This website rocks! Total bliss to navigate through the nicely structured, well edited, updated, eye-pleasing, original site. Very well done! I sure can see the pros who know their business! The content is interesting for everyone who likes to eat fresh and local and is interested in food!
Hope to visit soon and taste all the goodies! Good luck for the growing season 2011 and Hello from your neighbours Up North!"
Eva, Oleg and Anton
Saskatoon, Canada
"You are going to or should win an award for the beauty of the newsletter".
"I've just spent a delightful few minutes on the Farmer's Market website. It's FABULOUS! It brought a smile to my heart on a dull, cold, dark Wisconsin Winter day".
Mary Behan
"What a beautiful site! Please put me on the mailing list. I love the articles!"
Suzanne Harp, Madison
"Je suis tombé par hasard sur votre site.
Quelle merveille. J’y découvre une merveilleuse voie de vie associative. Votre initiative doit rapprocher citadins et agriculteurs locaux. Les premiers y redécouvrent des produits naturels du voisinage. Les seconds y trouvent une forme de revenus complémentaires.
Je suis preneur du Königsberger Marzipan.
Je resterai un lecteur fidèle de votre site. Bravo et tous mes souhaits pour l’année nouvelle."
J.-Werner de Crombrugghe de Looringhe
Sint-Genesius-Rode, Belgique
"Dear "Farmers", great job! Neat web-page and newsletter. I'm looking forward to my next visit in Antigo, I'll definitely visit your market. Best luck ahead".
Uli Bromberg from Hamburg, Germany
"I enjoyed the first Antigo Farmers' Market newsletter. The recipe for the carrot cake is the one I brought to our luncheon today. It's a good one!!"
"Just read the 1st newsletter. It is not only informative, but also a work of art. Your brother, Renate? Joe's pictures?"
"We love it, Great web page. Beautiful, easy to navigate, good information, and great photos. I am used to California produce all winter but I look forward to the fabulous fresh foods at Antigo Farmers Market. I grew up on a California farm where we had plenty of fresh grown foods. I am so glad to have access to food produced locally. Keep growing and selling so we can all eat healthy."
Marleen Blomberg, Elcho
"Renate, I think the new website design is VERY nice.  Your brother is very talented!  We really owe him a big thanks for doing this".
"Just walked my way through the new Antigo Farmers' Market website.The designer did a good job. The site seems easy to navigate and is informative and very colorful. I can almost taste the tomatoes and cucumbers. Can hardly wait for Market Days. With temps in the 70s predicted for tomorrow, the crops may be off to an early start."
Elsa McKenna
"Every Saturday is like Thanksgiving at the Antigo Farm Market! The tables are piled high with beautiful produce. Antigo is so fortunate to be surrounded by such fertile, healthy soil. Saturday mornings are a blast!"
Maydene McDougal
"Join me and others who are experiencing the wonderful bounty of nutritious, fresh foods, locally grown and brought to the Antigo Farmer's Market on Saturdays. There is a lovely variety of items from which to choose and you will enjoy community atmosphere as well. A delightful way to shop and a big Thank You to all the Board members and vendors!!"
Elaine  (An Antigonian)
"When eating fruits and vegetables, fresh is better.  Better yet is knowing who planted the seeds.  The Antigo Farmers' Market is GREAT!"
Allie & Bob Brehm, Antigo
"The Antigo Farmers' Market has the BEST produce and accepts vouchers from the Seniors and WIC program. Every time someone buys veggies here instead of at the grocery store, that money stays in the community."
Maggie Turnbull
"Because my friend Maggie is so involved it must be good!"
Penny Roehrer
"This $5,000 would really help get the Word out for more gardeners to join our tiny little market. We in Wisconsin need more health info with our high dairy intake. Please consider us!"
Claire Smith
"I love Antigo. The farmers market is a great place to shop and get local fresh vegies!"
jo ellen van galder
"Antigo Farmers Market gives local growers, producers, and residents the chance to get to know and support each other! It's also fun! I know I will bump into someone I haven't seen in awhile for a quick chat."


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