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All about Herbs
Fresh Herbs are not only decorative growing outside your kitchen door and as additions to many dishes. They also add a distinct flavor to a large number of dishes and contribute valuable nutrients to your diet. All the more reason to have them close at hand while you are cooking.

Not all herbs are suitable for growing in containers, but here is a list of those that usually do well.

Mint Rosemary Sage Thyme
Chives Parsley Basil Summer Savory
(This is not an herb, but is easily grown in pots and adds a color punch and spicy flavor to various salads.)  
The first 5 plants on the list are best purchased at a garden center or in June at the Farmers Market or begged from a friend who has an established herb garden. Most gardeners are only too happy to share their bounty.
For a more comprehensive list of herbs go to www.herbgardening.com
You may want to experiment with herbs not listed above.
The other 3 can be grown from seed and started indoors at the end of March and then transplanted once there is no danger of frost. Follow instructions on the seed package. Make sure that you use a sterilized seed starting mixture, available at most garden centers.
Chives, Thyme and Sage can be over wintered by setting the plant into the ground in fall and mulching it heavily. Rosemary can be brought indoors. Keep it dry to prevent mildew.
Edward Smith’s book
“Vegetable Gardener’s Container Bible” is an excellent reference, especially if you want to branch out and try things other than herbs.
This month’s recipe is food for the plants
Home made potting mix.
(These ingredients can be obtained at a garden center)

3 parts sphagnum peat moss
2 parts perlite
2 parts garden soil
1 part vermiculite
1 part #3 coarse sand
¼ part charcoal
To 2 gal mix add:
2 cups bone meal
10 Tbs Dolomitic lime
Place in large container, lightly moisten the materials before mixing them to help hold down the dust. Toss the ingredients until well mixed.
Good luck, good harvest and
Bon Appetit with herbs from your very own mini garden.


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